Love and Relationship Horoscope for January 6, 2022 | Astrology

Aries: You need to find some spark to make your life love interesting. Bring some creativity in your

romance. Plan to head out for a brief travel. This will help you reconnect with your partner and share

some fun moments together. Married couples need to let go of their family responsibilities for a

while and spend time with each other.

Taurus: There will be an element of serenity to your relationship today. The more you admire your

partner, the more appreciation you will get back which will make you delighted. Your life seems to

be heading in the right path and you need to acknowledge the good things that surround you.

Married couples need to avoid going on an ego-trip.

Gemini: You may have been facing a roller-coaster ride in your love life in recent times, but all of that is now beginning to change. The rapport between you and your partner is slowly improving. Remember, the key is to communicate your feelings. Lend your support to your partner if they want to do something new in their life.

Cancer: You can find yourself in an uncomfortable position due to multiple commitments. It is advisable to stay flexible and look to adapt to your partner’s requests, instead of making an issue out of it. Choose your battles wisely today, else you will find it hard to mend the problems later. Married couples need to give space to each other.

Leo: While you love your comfort zone, but too much of predictability in love life can turn out to be a big dampener for you. You will think of different ways to break the rut. Try to be creative today with your ideas and action and look at ways to infuse sensuality in your romantic life. Married couples need to let go of their inhibitions.

Virgo: Your love life will be calm and peaceful. Leave your worries aside and strike an intellectual chord with your partner today. Having long conversations about your interests and hobbies with your partner will add joy to your life. Married couples facing discords will find way to resolve the issues today. Listen to what your children have to say.

Libra: For some reason or the other, you may not be able to give due importance to your partner today. Your partner will understand your responsibilities and will even lend you support to accomplish your tasks. Those who are single can bump into an old acquaintance and spend time together. Couples need to maintain harmony in their domestic life.

Scorpio: Your mind will look to break the chain and escape from your daily responsibilities. Watching a movie in the afternoon or driving out with your beloved will help you escape from daily routine. It is a good day to relive old moments and reconnect with each other. Married couples should surprise their partner to add some spice.

Sagittarius: Having a romantic conversation will stimulate your passion. You will be able to give quality time to your partner. Those facing issues in love life need to stay confident and look to solve existing problems. Singles will be keen to look for a long-term relationship and can meet some friends to keep their focus.

Capricorn: There will be goodwill and strength in your relationship with your beloved. Those facing any problems should not hesitate in seeking the opinion of their partner and engage in a productive discussion. Helping each other will help in maintaining harmony in the relationship. Married couples should shower affection on their partner.

Aquarius: Enjoy a loving day with people who are close to you. You can receive an unexpected gift from your partner which will make you feel touched. The more effort and hard work you put into your relationships today, the more you will get in return. Married couples need to avoid taking undue credit in their relationship.

Pisces: You need to be strong and receptive in your love life today to prevent any untoward incident. Your partner may be disappointed with your recent behavior and today is the time to convince them of your love and commitment. Express your emotions more clearly and consistently. It will save you much headache and hassle down the road.



*Predictions are based on Moon sign

Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



Contact: Noida: +919910094779

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