Squats with Resistance Bands: How effective are Squats with bands?

Squats are considered among the most popular exercises as it helps you strengthen your glutes and the area surrounding the muscles. However, there are those who have opted to change their workout routine by introducing the use of resistance bands when performing squats.

What those bands help you to do is to control your squat movement, as they provide you with a much-needed resistance when you lower your upper body to perform the exercise.

Working under that tension helps you work harder. This means that you strengthen your glutes, quadriceps and hip adductor muscles even more than when you are performing normal squats.

The most common types of resistance bands

Performing squats with the help of resistance bands is an affordable and challenging way to build muscle and change your routine, either in the event you enjoy working indoors or doing so outdoors.

There are three main types of bands depending on which parts of your body you are willing to strengthen. For example, the loop bands help you with full body workouts. You wear them above either your knees or your ankles and they are considered to be very versatile.

On the other hand, the mini loop bands should be worn above the knees, as they are mainly used to work your lower body, while free bands can be tied into a loop, but they can also be wrapped around your feet or somewhere else.

Are squats with bands effective?

The answer is: Yes. People who perform squats by using bands get all the benefits that they enjoy by doing normal, bodyweight squats, with an additional resistance that helps you strengthen your muscles, as they increase the difficulty of your leg workouts.

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