Bigg Boss 15, 6th January 2022, Written Update: Shamita Shetty wins 2 rounds in the debate task

In today’s episode, the debate starts for the indoor garden of the house. Bigg Boss calls Shamita Shetty who has to accuse a housemate for being stubborn. Shamita accuses Abhijit Bichukale and says that he is stubborn because he never does any duties of the house, and keeps on asking favours from his friends for personal chores like washing his clothes or making a cup of tea. Abhijit in reply, says that he is not stubborn but down to earth and humble, and that Shamita is lazy and just wants to fight with him. Shamita says Abhijit does not even respect Salman Khan. Pratik Sehajpal and Devoleena Bhattacharjee come as witnesses for Shamita and says that Abhijit is stubborn. At last, the judges decide that Shamita’s points are valid and she wins the round and gets the indoor garden. 

The second round starts and this time it’s for the bedroom. Bigg Boss calls Pratik, and the topic is ‘ego’. Pratk accusses Abhijit and says that he is an egoistic person as he thinks he is the owner of the show and everyone is here because of him. Abhijit says in reply that Pratik doesn’t listen to anyone. He further says that he is not egoistic as he has managed to win people’s hearts and Karan Kundrra agrees with this. As the round ends, the judges decide that Abhijit has won this round as Pratik’s most points were not valid. 

Rakhi asks Devoleena if she’s not talking to Pratik. She says that she is judging him as he went back to Abhijit even after she fought with him for Pratik. Karan Kundrra tells Abhijit that Pratik will not make him his priority. But if Abhijit supports their group, then he will support him after Tejasswi. Abhijit tells Pratik that Karan has clearly said that they will make Tejasswi the winner. Nishant reacts and says that why do they keep on talking about being fair. 

The next morning, the debate starts again and this time it is for the kitchen area. The topic is ‘loudspeaker’ and Nishant, who has to defend himself, he accuses Shamita surprising everyone. Nishant says Shamita sometimes turns into a loudspeaker she is blasting a person. Shamita defends herself and says she always maintains her calm and shouts only when provoked. At the end of the round, Shamita is declared the winner. Tejasswi asks Karan why they gave 2 points to Shamita. Karan replies that nothing was planned and Nishant should have chosen a better contender. 

Karan tells Tejasswi that she should call Abhijit against her and vice versa, so that Tejasswi can win both rounds. He goes and convinces Abhijit to call Tejasswi and says that they will be fair. Karan tells Umar that they have to make Tejasswi win so that she gets the advantage, however he refuses to favour her claiming that she has switched sides. Umar jokingly tells Abhijit Bichukale that everybody is coming to him now. 

Rashami assures Tejasswi that they are not favoring anyone. Tejasswi tells Karan that he keeps supporting Umar even he supports Rashami and has never supported her. Karan gets up and leaves. Tejasswi keeps looking on. 

Pratik tells Nishant that Devoleena acts too smart to which he replies that he knows her better. 

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