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Sanya Malhotra with 52kg body weight nails 75kg deadlift in impressive workout video: Watch here | Health

Actor Sanya Malhotra‘s latest workout video is proving that if one challenges themselves and follows a workout routine consistently, they become unstoppable. Don’t believe us? Well, look at the Meenakshi Sundareshwar actor’s post, and you will understand what we are saying.

Sanya Malhotra’s trainer Tridev Pandey recently shared a video of the actor doing weightlifting exercises at the gym. He revealed that the star’s body weight is 52 kg, and because of her diligence, she managed to deadlift 75kg weights. Yes, you read that right!

Apparently, lifting heavy weights was never Sanya’s goal. However, her strength increased because she kept pushing herself and following the training.

“It is not Sanya Malhotra’s goal to lift heavy weights but when you follow your training program diligently, your strength definitely goes up. A HAPPY BONUS,” Sanya’s trainer captioned the video.

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The video begins with Sanya, dressed in workout attire and training shoes, deadlifting 75kg weights at the gym. Then, she held weights in her hands and did a back strengthening routine. The actor followed this with a Bicep Curling exercise.

Sanya Malhotra trains at the gym. 
Sanya Malhotra trains at the gym. 

Sanya’s trainer shared the clip with three very vital messages – ‘Do you challenge yourself?’, ‘Trust the process’, and ‘Progress doesn’t happen in a day.’ These will motivate you to crank up your fitness routine.

Earlier, Sanya Malhotra had posted a video of herself doing the viral TikTok dance on Doja Cat’s song Woman. She did the routine at her gym before beginning her weight training. “Still obsessed with this song,” the star had captioned the post.

Deadlift Benefits:

Coming back to Sanya’s latest clip, deadlifts activate hip extensors, reduce lower back pain, improve jump performance and enhance bone mineral density. Practising them also works the core, boosts metabolism and fixes posture. It helps in keeping the shoulders, spine, and hips in alignment.

So, did Sanya Malhotra motivate you to hit the gym before kickstarting your weekend?

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