Sunny Leone feels she is the only ‘buddhu’ in Bollywood, her reason has Kapil Sharma in stitches. Watch | Bollywood

A new promo for The Kapil Sharma Show featured Mika Singh, Sunny Leone, Toshi Sabri and Sharib Sabri, as they came to promote the new song, Panghat. The video began with Mika singing Gandi Baat as host Kapil Sharma danced on stage.

Mika called himself a huge ‘fan’ of Sunny and praised her for her professionalism. “Jab inke saath maine world tour kiya tha, ek percent bhi inke andar koi nakhra ya attitude wali baat nahi thi. Punctual thi humesha, 7 o’clock sharp yeh show pe pohochti thi (When I went on a world tour with her, I saw that she did not have any tantrums or starry attitude. She was always punctual and would reach the show at 7 o’clock sharp),” he said.

Sunny took a dig at many celebrities’ habit of showing up late on the sets and joked, “Sirf main hi iss industry mein buddhu hoon ki main time pe aati hoon (I am the only fool in this industry because I come on time).”

Mika’s unmarried status also became fodder for jokes. When Kapil asked Sunny about it, she laughed and predicted that he would tie the knot next year.

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Toshi said that he ‘seriously’ asked Mika a few times to get hitched and revealed their conversation: “Bhai bolte hai, ‘Oye, abhi tu mere ghar mein kaise aata hai? Ghanti bajata hai?’ Maine kaha nahi. ‘Seedha andar aata hai na? Shaadi kar lunga toh aa nahi payega’ (He asked me, ‘How do you enter my house now? Do you ring the bell?’ I said no. He said, ‘You come straight inside, right? If I get married, you won’t be able to do that’).”

Kapil is also gearing up for the release of his stand-up special on Netflix, I’m Not Done Yet. It will premiere on January 28.

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