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12 Things You Eat That Are a Lie

In an age of mass consumption and instant gratification, the want to satisfy our every gastric desire often leaves us all oblivious to the truth surrounding the foods we eat. You might, in reality, just find yourself chewing on a mouthful of lies. Here are 12 things you eat that are a lie.
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  1. k so I dont get the oyster thing. Is that a filler episode? Deep fried oysters are deep fried oysters unless stated otherwise. If you eat oysters, you know that they are are oysters. I have lived on the East Coast all my life. I have eaten oysters in every way. Cooked and raw.

  2. For Number 5…I have eaten "Rocky Mountain Oysters" many times….and I knew exactly what they where…in fact, I have been to restaurants (including the famous "Big Texan") where the waiters always informed you that they where not oysters…so, there is NO deception your homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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