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People Having A Worse Day Than You – Part 1

We all have bad days but some people have it worse than others. Lets take a look at some funny fails of people having a worse day than you.
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  1. Hahahahah my friend is planning suicide and needs help that’s what I got him but I’m pretty sure it traumatized me for life. I’m looking at this hoping to find somebody that is having a worse day then me

  2. The IGE had the worlds worst day or should i say year cause one of the C-88 cargo plane number "879" and number "678" got shot down and both of them are in 1966 and from 1955 to 2021 an airborne convoy of a whopping 10'000 of this beast flew from Fârbântî to East Berlin which was controlled by Stalinist East Germany and two planes are shot down year by year after 1988 the IGE came back stronger with a whopping $100.99 bazillion dollars and started the C-88 massacre with 100 C-88s per week and it pushed 100'000 to a base overflowing 1.5 million C-88s but due to rising building costs it had to end and the Soviet Union knew it was over bases all over the IGE was overpowered the IGE is now a superpower it was over for the USSR

  3. At 0:59
    While driving their way home with having their daughter ride in front, she was riding without her seatbelt. They were driving for a good while before they pulled off.
    If she had her seatbelt on, the kittens 💩, would not have been on her chest area of the shirt.
    On the original video, the parent told me off, basically saying mind my own business and their daughter doesn't have to wear a seatbelt if she don't want to.
    I say the kitten was showing them some karma for their behavior.

  4. 4:11 I wonder how may people know that the only way for that to actually happen is if a big Bird chose turtle as their next dinner. There's even a story that one of the old philosophers was killed by an Eagle after it dropped a turtle to crack it's she'll.

  5. 1:00 Entitled child it's the only thing that comes to my mind when I see her face because a kitten had to go to the toilet. I remember when my sister and I secretly got us a kitten without telling my mom and we had the kitten poop in our room and cleaned it up right away so mom wouldn't see it. We unfortunately didn't buy a cat toilet. 😂 Of course mom found out about the kitten.

  6. Older brother huihj I was going to call and see if you were still interested in that meeting with the guys that I would love for you guys to join the group and then you guys

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