Arslan Goni on his heart emojis for Sussanne Khan: I’m supposed to say something sweet to someone who tested Covid positive | Bollywood

Actor Arslan Goni recently commented on a post shared by his rumoured girlfriend Sussanne Khan, when the latter tested Covid positive. His comment was followed by a kiss emoji, and went viral. Goni, however, defends his stance and refrains from officially labelling the relationship.

ByAnjuri Nayar Singh, New Delhi

Actor Arslan Goni’s comment on rumoured girlfriend Sussanne Khan’s Instagram post went viral recently. Sussanne had posted about her testing positive for Omicron, and Arslan replied, “You will be fine soon.” And at the end of this caring comment, he added three heart emojis and a kiss emoji.

“What do I tell someone who has come out positive? I will always wish them god bless you, and that you will get well soon,” says Goni, replies asked about his comment, and goes on to add: “As far as going viral is concerned and what people are saying, I cannot read all those messages. I don’t do that. Everyone has the right to say what they want to. But I am supposed to say something sweet to someone who has just tested positive!”

Actor Arslan Goni says that he doesn’t like to talk publicly about his relationship with Sussanne Khan.
Actor Arslan Goni says that he doesn’t like to talk publicly about his relationship with Sussanne Khan.

With rumour mills being rife about reports of the two being in a relationship, Goni says that he has always tried to avoid the frenzy around it. “I normally don’t like to talk about it. There is this thing that I keep hearing and friends keep forwarding to me. Two people living a good happy life and that’s it,” says Goni, who was recently seen in the series Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu (2021).

While he ignores social media when it comes to rumours, he also adds that getting work without the support of social media is a tough task in today’s times. Recalling an incident, he says, “No producer or director has ever said anything directly to me, but I heard form one of the managers that ‘You don’t post too much on social media’ and he advised me ‘You should post more, it will benefit you’. And I said ‘I’m not in a business of social media’. It is believed that if there are more people following you, anything that you do will have a big reach. Of course you can’t deny that funda, but aisa bhi hota hai!”

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