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#ArtDiary: Evoking myriad emotions through varied forms

New Delhi

Each work of art has a story to tell. And at an ongoing art show in Gurugram, these tales come together to be narrated in the visual vocabulary by 13 Indian artists. The exhibition titled Experimenting with Visual Narratives, is curated by Praveen Kumar Mahto, who says: “A few of the participating artists are underrepresented. So this show is an attempt to bring them to the fore. The exhibition showcases artists from different backgrounds, including art teachers and fashion designers, who have not showcased their works before.”

Lithographs, photographs, paintings, textile art, paper mache and sculpture — all of these forms are displayed at the gallery as part of this show. These are by artists namely Anand Kapoor, Chandrashekhar Bheda, Dattatreya Apte, Pankaj Nigam, Gayatri Apte, Kamana Gupta, Sheela Chamaria, Mohd Naseem, Nirjhar Som, Rashid Ahamad, Sanjoy Chatterjee, Jattinn Kochhar, and Susanta Das.

Delhi-based fashion designer and artist Jattinn Kochhar, who has added a splash of colour to the show with three of his works, talks about his painting, My Amazon Jungle. “This was done during the lockdown in 2020. Everything was too sad and so colourless. The way I had been living my life, and then suddenly everything came to a standstill. That’s when I imagined myself watching the Amazon jungle at the sunset. Every possible colour that one can imagine, is in the real Amazon rainforests! So I depicted a reflection of the water, the sky and the forest.”

Sheela Chamaria’s table sculpture, Moment captures a couple sharing a moment.
Sheela Chamaria’s table sculpture, Moment captures a couple sharing a moment.

Artist Pankaj Nigam, who is exhibiting four of his paintings in this show, says he’s exploring “formless forms” in his recent works. “I believe that forms create duality. Whatever the form I create, it comes from deep subconscious, memories, learning and experiences. I want to break this barrier, and create something where one goes beyond his own self and develops an absolute creation. A form that’s absolutely new and timeless. I want to create that form, which is not the reflection of my ego, but is free from it, and even free even from the definition of form — a state of formlessness. I want to fly, be the soul, and evaporate in my paintings,” adds Nigam.

Sculptor Sheela Chamaria’s table sculpture, Moment done in fibre glass, has flat surfaces and sharp edges that depict the relationship between humans, animals and Nature. “This particular exhibit is from my series called Joy of Emotions. It depicts a moment between a man and a woman, and is portrayed through body language in my stylised surface treatment of flat surfaces, and line in rhythm with the curves as per composition. My work is all about happy moments that usually bring smile to the viewers as they can relate to them, especially in these tough times of the pandemic.”

Catch It Live

What: Experimenting With Visual Narratives

Where: Art Lounge, C 402 Nirvana Courtyard, Gurugram

On till: January 22

Timing: 11am to 6pm

Nearest Metro Station: Sector 55-56 on the Rapid Metro

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