Bigg Boss 15’s Vishal Kotian says he’s getting engaged this year

Television actor Vishal Kotian catapulted into fame with his stint on the popular reality show Bigg Boss 15. Kotian recently tested positive for COVID-19 after he underwent a mandatory test. In a recent chat with a leading daily, Vishal said that as he was asymptomatic, he would not have known he had the virus if not for the test. The actor was preparing for something but the virus stalled his plans. However, Vishal maintains a positive attitude, and says, “This too shall pass”. 

In a recent interaction with Hindustan Times, Vishal revealed that he is getting engaged with his girlfriend and actress Payal Shetty this year, if the third wave does not stick for long. The two were planning to get engaged in 2020 but the pandemic postponed their plans. 

Vishal and Payal have been dating each other for a long time, but the couple doesn’t talk about their relationship much. “My personal life is very private. People should me know for my work and then the personal life will follow. Otherwise, work takes a backseat. For instance, if Deepika (Padukone) would have married Ranveer (Singh) before he became what he is today, he would always be known as Deepika’s husband,” said Vishal. 

Vishal further added that if there is love, one does not need to display it publicly. He maintained that both he and his ladylove are very private. However, Vishal added, that Payal is a person of her own with her own body of work and can talk about things she wants to. He concluded saying that he can only talk about himself. 

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