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'Dead Girl' Comes Back To Life, Knows SECRETS She Shouldn't

Tune in for some unbelievable real tales of reincarnation!
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  1. I could verify some of the Diana claims. I was acquainted with her & met her many times at Balmoral when I lived there. Perhaps the family may want to contact me. They can message me here.

  2. I believe in reincarnation only because we are made up of energy and when we die that energy has to go somewhere wheather it be a newborn baby or an animal. I believe we all have recycled energy from past people and animals.

  3. I dream of a girl golden curly hair idk who she is but when that happens i cant move and crying im trying to scream and when i can move i just punch the wall idk why, shes a kid

  4. Okay I just need to interrupt one time. In stories like these, on this channel, every time you run into something pretty fascinating, you always reference to skeptics. What the hell is a skeptic? Somebody who doesn't believe? It's such a damn convenient word to describe how something is not possible despite the claim of somebody else, that it's becoming really tiring. Not once, ever, have you ever referenced or proven or proscribed any citation of what a skeptic is.

    I realize skepticism is a large part of the scientific process, but you guys just run it over with a bulldozer and pave every possible thing you have with it. You overuse this concept, without ever ever dealing with it, without giving any sources at all.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the skeptic. I'm a skeptic. I would just rather not have my intelligence insulted by a blanket word like skeptic. As if that holds any real meaning. How about providing citations and sources? You know, to give the skeptic his fair due.

  5. This gives me goosebumps.. I always dreams about the future world. It was surreal and it feels like not a dream. It was like the end of the world where i keep on running trying to survive from disaster. I can feel pain and fear like real. That's the only dreams i feared the most.

  6. What convinced me? I already believe in magic and reincarnation because I have a bird like decolorized pach on my leg and have a connection with blue jays so I think I was a baby bluejay who was killed at birth by another bird 🐦

  7. I have been pronounced dead so many times now even while I slept to wake up to a bunch of people and a stretcher or when I was in a car accident and my head was split open from my eyebrow on one side to the back of my head and another they said a day then said a week that was 28 years ago I guess a day or week in the existence of mankind 😂 I bled from everywhere including through my skin yet came out no problems all my vital organs survived when they told me they wouldn't do to how much damage I even made a will but I have for many years to remind me how close it really was

  8. What if The bizarre answer is when she pulled back in she crossed another maybe the other one was trying to jump in while the spot was open not like anybody has any real belief even if there is evidence or not

  9. I do believe in reincarnation actually. The only 2 stories that raised major red flags for me were the Mars and Jesus ones. The others seemed pretty legit. I do have my small doubts with the Monroe one as well but who knows. (Especially after the part where they said her daughter could be the reincarnation of Monroe's mom. That just made me laugh tbh)

  10. I know about the boy whose name James I know about him and a younger boy who knew about who did something very similar about even cooler than that and by the way my name isn't Gary my name is Willow and I'm a girl not a boy but I'm using my dad's account so…,

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