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He Found 45 Rattlesnakes Under the Floor Of His House, You Won’t Believe What He Did With Them!

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  1. I broke up with someone over bed bugs. When I was 18 I met a older man. He lives with his mom and about 10 other people, in a 3 bedroom house. Me being the “bad B” I was, moved in! They had bed bugs. I won’t go into to many details but I pretty much begged him for us to get jobs and move out! Him and his mom weren’t getting bit by the bugs. I was! He wouldn’t. His mom was so dumb, this is something she said once, “I don’t know how they’re biting you in the bed, they don’t have legs!”. I left, I couldn’t do it. Now I work for a place that sells bed bug spray and I can’t even touch the cans of spray.

  2. Am I glad I live in Germany…not many nasty critters around here…in the US or Australia? You bet I'd truly buy a flamethrower (and fireproof the whole house, so that bug and snake burning doesn't resort in the house burning down!) as a form a pest-control -.-

  3. I absolutely love snakes and I hate that in Florida people are taught and raised to see them like roaches(I get it but I hate it) because they are so invasive that they are wiping out native wildlife at an alarming rate. If they were eating the snakes like the people in Sweetwater it would have been a whole lot different to me than just cutting the heads off and cashing them in like collecting a bounty. The worst part is the whole issue in Florida is mostly because people weren't keeping track of the pets they bought and they escaped or they were intentionally released.

  4. Man, i was itchy the entire time while watching this. i would've just taken that couch to a safe location and burned it. As for the hoarder with the roach problem, i hope he realizes that if even the fire department want to light your house on fire because it's "uninhabitable" then he should probably stop hoarding

  5. Hope one of these times the snakes get out and kill several people at that stupid event. Humans like that are just a black spot on our species and makes us look lower then a spec of dirt.

  6. Be a maze is actually one of the best channels it’s not actually that bad it’s actually the first decent channel like give you facts like every other channel that I see is plain garbage

  7. When I was 3, I discovered what spiders were. and, I actually became obsessed with those 8 legged creepy crawlies. still to this day, I have not been scared or disgusted by bugs. annoyed? yes! Definitely! but not scared or disgusted. so this video didn't make me disgusted at all.

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