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Items You May Own That Are Now Worth A Fortune

Lots of real world treasures exist in the world that you may have in your own house. Coming up are some things that might make you rich.
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  1. You are telling me I could’ve kept my Furby and sold it for a high price. I should’ve just kept all of my toys and kept my beanie babies as well and I should’ve played Pokémon when I was a little kid and get the original cards.

  2. This video made me remember my old lego boba fett night torch thats now selling for $180, tysm! didnt expexct to have anything on the list but you never know lol

  3. Sometimes I hate being so honest, I found a Nintendo with a box full of games and two boxes of accessories like body glove and guns and different kinds of controllers in a home we remodeled, I even hooked it up to a old TV in the house and let my GF play it while I worked. I gave it to the guy I work for who bought the house, I found out months later he through them all away, even after I said I'd take it. You won't believe the thing's I find that I ask to take home but get thrown away instead. I don't get why some people rather throw away thing's someone would love to have. I've seen thousands of dollars of item's that get thrown away and it makes me sick.

  4. Okay people listen to this my father said the same thing about some toys he had and he said his dad said the same thing now we going through the same thing so we buy kids toy go ahead and buy a second one and just put it in the Attic

  5. About the golf ball ones, there are a whole bunch of golf balls in the woods next to my cousin's house. She doesn't know how they got there, or where they came from, but either way I got something to tell her the next time I see her.

  6. my mom donated all my dr suess books and my lego millenium falcon also my old nintendo systems also my ps2 and ps3, also all my old pokemon cards, much more lol thats just off the top of my head

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