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Most INCREDIBLE Abandoned Vehicles

Coming up are the world’s most incredible abandoned vehicles!
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Turbo jet train:

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  1. Ob's stürmt oder scheint, ob die Sonne uns lacht!
    Den Tag glühend heiss, oder eiskalt die Nacht!
    Verstaubt sind die Gesichte, doch froh ist unser Sinn, ja, unser Sinn!
    Es braust Söger Panzer, in sturmwind dahin!

  2. boats on underwater wings were quite successful. Raketa, Kometa, etc. They were also used in the Black sea and in the Baltic sea. The Philippines also use their own underwater wing fleet. Even when the sea is stormy, at a dept of 4-5 feet the water is stable. These boats can fly smooth in stormy weather!

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