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Strangest Things Found Under Floorboards

Tune in for some creepy things people found hidden under their floorboards!
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  1. You be suprised what I see on the tx mexican border I drive daily to Laredo in a semi on way back we pass through a checkpoint even thought I never cross border border patrol sets these check points up about 45 miles away from actual border to catch anyone hitching a ride after sneaking across. Everyday they have new semis in the dort yard with seized signs on them without fail. It's amazing that's only this checkpoint

  2. My brother got a metal detector last year and hew as trying to find stuff in our forest. For about 30 mins he found nothing then he got a signal. He found a shell of a bullet we don't know what gun it's from or what it's doing there but it's old because it's all rusted

  3. Those imagrents wouldn't bring there children if they didint believe it was possibly safer then where they came from. D*m amarica💧

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