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The Roots Of This Tree Exposed An Amazing Discovery After A Hurricane

Lots of things get exposed after storms and hurricanes. Lets find out about some amazing discoveries made after a hurricane.
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  1. I'm sorry, but as much as I love my American friends, sometimes the pronounciation of our British words grates SO much they just have to be corrected.
    Sligo – pronounced SL-EYE-GO, not SLEEGO.
    Ciara – pronounced KEER-RA, not KEE-ARRA.
    Funnily enough, they're both Irish words, the second one being a girl's name.
    Sorry, guys… luv ya loads ❤

  2. Looking at the bones in the first story he had broken ribs two broken femurs and a tibia & fibula in one leg. The fight sounds good but this is a classic case of a Horse falling on the person. We see the same injuries' today with horse's & motorcycles, and it's a long stay in the hospital and can be fatal even in todays Medicine, I work in ICU units

  3. YouTube your volume control terrible. My usual tv setting is 25. Do to your lack of control I have had to go as high as65 and as low as 12 on my tv. Fire the person in charge. I have other options.

  4. Don`t victimize that poor lad! Who`s to say he did not want to be tangled in a trees roots 1000years after his death! Calling him a victim just shows that you know nothing about ancient tree rooting, as the kids call it these days!

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