This year I’ll be engaged: Bigg Boss 15’s Vishal Kotian

Actor Vishal Kotian had no symptoms of the deadly Coronavirus. However, a mandatory test bummed him as he turned out to be Covid positive. “If I wouldn’t have tested I wouldn’t even know,” says Kotian.

The Bigg Boss 15 contestant was preparing for something when the virus hit him and ruined his plans. But, he is not disappointed. “I was preparing for something big. You never know that big can still happen. But it’s better that I’m caged in my own house right now. I’m mentally very strong. I’m taking it positively. At least I got Covid once I’m vaccinated, not when the second wave had hit us and we didn’t have enough hospital beds. So I’m in a better state. At least with the vaccine, there is no fear of death. It’s just a phase. This too shall pass,” explains Kotian.

Although the year may have started on a grim note for Kotian, the actor is quite excited for 2022, as he wishes to take the plunge with his girlfriend and actor Payal Shetty. The two were supposed to exchange rings in 2020 before the pandemic hit us all. “This year, I’ll be engaged if the third wave doesn’t strick us again,” confirms Kotian.

The couple may be seeing each other for a long time, however, the two never really go out and talk about their relationship. “My personal life is very private,” Kotian reasons and adds, “People should me know for my work and then the personal life will follow. Otherwise, work takes a backseat. For instance, if Deepika (Padukone) would have married Ranveer (Singh) before he became what he is today, he would always be known as Deepika’s husband.”

Not being a fan of public display of his affection, Kotian says, “Pyaar jab hota hai toh dikhane ki zarurat nahi. We both are very private people. We never deny our relationship, but never go out and talk about it. I don’t discuss things with Payal; she is an individual and has her body of work. I leave it to her what she wants to talk about. I can only talk about myself.”

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