Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 14th January 2022, Written Update: Kunal ruins Vedika’s plan

In today’s episode, Ram dances with Vedika and reminisces about Priya. Priya gets upset and Ram gets angry seeing Neeraj beside her. Vedika tells she has a surprise for Ram and plays a video. Neeraj asks Priya to sit down but she refuses to. Priya thinks she got hurt because she started feeling for their relationship and decides to leave. Ram’s proposal video plays and Priya stops to see. Kunal removes the plugs on time and Vedika gets angry. Priya thinks he was confessing his love to her and decides to leave. Ram sees her leaving and asks what’s happening. 

Vedika says someone wants to ruin his and Priya’s relationship and Kunal says he will find who that person is. Adi and Ram leave and Mamaji wonders why does Priya get lucky all the time. Neerja follows Priya and she yells at him to leave her alone. Adi asks Neeraj where’s Priya and he informs him that she left. Sandy tells Ram that Priya went to the same old lady and got baked a cake for you. Ram says his dad used to do the same. Adi tells Ram to go and talk to Priya. Ram tells Vedika that he will cut the cake only after Priya arrives. 

Anjali comes to the venue and Raj spots Shubham and hopes he doesn’t get to know his plan. Anjali goes to meet Priya and Raj spots Priya. Mamaji sees Raj and asks him what is he doing. Raj tells he’s here for Ram’s birthday party. Priya feels dizzy and then receives a message from Anjali and thinks she should go find Anjali. Priya searches for Anjali and Shubham tells Raj that he is here without an invitation. Raj tells him he’s here to have food. Shubham tells it’s fine as he has helped them many times and they hide after spotting Priya.

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