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Dumb Expensive Houses That Are A Waste Of Money

There are lots of incredibly dumb expensive houses that have been made over the years. Coming up are the dumbest houses that are a complete waste of money.
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  1. unless you have a big family .. big houses are for showing off .. that's all , who need a 10 bed house for 2 or 4 people , give me a beautiful cottage by the sea any day

  2. Actually the "McMansions" aren't that bad. And I like the "Bubble House" I guess it's all a matter of taste. Paris' dog house on the other hand is just tasteless. Disgusting! Thinking that some people don't even have a house.

  3. House built since the early 2000s. The walls are hollow as hell. You can hear everything.
    Shoot, you can be on one side of the house and hear someone breath from the other.

  4. This helps with my insomnia problem and depressed feeling of the lockdown. I purged everything I owned and down sized from a large house to a studio apt. I can watch Be Amazed instead of cleaning the house, and sleeping normal hours.

  5. Pennn Jillete's house "The Slammer" wasn't isolated in the middle of nowhere. . . It was in SW Vegas! One of my bff lives 2 blocks away from there. And there's like 5 elementary schools and 2 high schools within a couple miles radius of the property. It WAS pretty ugly and eccentric though.

  6. The biggest waste of money house was the 771 SQ foot house in california, close to the Santa Monica pier that went for something like 1.4 mill. Lol I have relatives that live In that same size house that are on housing and pay $700 a month for it. Lol

  7. I'll design my own house, thanks! These architects make me sick! Apparently those who commissioned these houses prove their taste buds are only in their mouth. Perhaps they should leave them there.

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