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Genius Graffiti Art That Will Make You Smile

Graffiti may seem like vandalism, but lots of art on the street is actually pure genius. Coming up are some amazing pieces of street art.
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  2. Piece of advice don’t watch this video when you’re hungry and if you like ice cream and you’re hungry you will die watching this video Personally I don’t like ice cream

  3. I really wish the whole 'civilized' world was covered in cool looking drawings made from bright colored paint to hide the drab ugliness of normal architecture … and think of all the schizophrenics that could be employed! I'm on to something here I just know it…😘🙃🙃❤

  4. We all know Trump has a big mouth, however what does that have to say about Biden? Come on everybody, let's just be honest. Biden's got some serious issues and shouldn't be running a bath, let alone the country. 😳 🤔 😔

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