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Habits Proving You're a Genius

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There are lots of habits people have that may indicate they are much smarter than other people. Here are some habits of genius people!

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  1. Ive always been yelled at in class with these habits and I even got suspended once for daydreaming a lot and I thought I was the black sheep all the time but this video just made me feel like a human being again like I know that some people go through this too lmfao

  2. Idk im 12 and i don't drink stuff… stuffy stuff
    but i do have a lot of these habits, and my teacher is right, i im a genuis after all the brain power in maths i have as well

  3. Don't know if i'm genius or something, but we had 2 months to learn for an extensive exam with over 700 pages of stuff you need to have memorized. I was too lazy and started studying 2 days before the exam passing it.

  4. Not true because having a small nail does it make you a genius it just means you get a dexterity boost there are probably idiots with small nails and also there are probably geniuses with big nails

  5. I'm sorry, but cold showers are just dumb. I have all the other traits, but I'm in the shower to wash off the grime. I'm not in there to stimulate myself… well maybe sometimes. 😁

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