Love and Relationship Horoscope for January 14, 2022 | Astrology

Aries: It will be a mentally draining day for you due to multiple commitments. You will like to end the later part of the day in the company of loved ones. Share your experience with them which will make them feel connected to you. Make sure you acknowledge their presence and appreciate their importance in your life.

Taurus: You will be charged with a sense of authority today. While this will work well in your professional life, your partner will not take this lying down. They may not appreciate this attitude of yours which can spoil their mood. Singles should avoid getting into a new relationship as of now as stars do not point towards stability.

Gemini: A sense of paranoia will prevail in your love life. Don’t get too possessive for your loved one. This is more of a reflection of your own attitudes and fears than anything else. Singles will find themselves in frequent back and forth communication with one or more people. Married couples need to demonstrate their affection towards their partner.

Cancer: There is likely to be some tension in the air today as there may not be any communication between you and your loved one. There isn’t much you can do to resolve the situation except introspect and understand what is going wrong. Better to apologise and make up instead of prolonging this communication lag.

Leo: Some past resentments can resurface all of a sudden today. You and your partner need to adopt a forgiving attitude and let things go. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe is right, but let your beloved also explain their point of view. Married couples need to avoid wearing a dominating attitude and be sensitive to their partner’s viewpoint.

Virgo: Don’t take the person you love for granted. You may have a strong desire to chase what you want, but check on your partner as well else they may feel neglected. Singles need to take some time off their busy schedule and find time for whom they admire. Married natives need to discuss their finances and plan for the future.

Libra: Love is not always easy. Do not go out of your way to make your loved one happy in exchange of receiving love. An over-compensating attitude hardly works in a relationship. Instead, let it flow naturally. Married couples need to do things to help reduce anxiety and foster a healthy and loving relationship with their partner.

Scorpio: You may have just about started to date someone and may be in two minds whether to disclose it to your friends or not. Stars indicate that the timing is right to break this news. Let your partner know of what you plan to do to ease them into this new situation. Married natives need to be kind to their partner.

Sagittarius: You will finally realize that holding on to past grudges is only bounding you and not the person you have been annoyed at. So, let your resentment go once and for all. This way, you will surely open your life to happiness and new love. Singles might find themselves flirting with people they would never bother with normally.

Capricorn: You are stepping into a beautiful phase in your love life. Your partner is doing the right things to make you feel special. You should reciprocate and show your appreciation to keep them motivated. Married couples need to realise the importance of teamwork. They need to take up additional responsibilities.

Aquarius: Don’t conceal your feelings about how you feel about love. There is somebody trying to come close to you and you need to give love a chance to blossom. Spend some time with your admirer and get to know them better before thinking about the long-term prospects. Married natives should plan a romantic dinner together.

Pisces: You will be in your elements today and will show compassion while interacting with your loved ones. You are all ears for what your partner has to say. This will make them feel special. Singlesshould be patient and work upon themselves in order to attract someone special. Married couples need to be patient and carry out their work gracefully.



*Predictions are based on Moon sign

Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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