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Most Amazing Moving Buildings

Buildings have come a long way. They are now works of art and astonishing feats of ingenuity and creativity. Here are some amazing moving buildings that will surely impress you.
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  1. Wow…. and I mean wow. Imagine the engineers that worked on those. But can you imagine how much power the motors that are driving this? Yeah, it has to cost that much too live there.

  2. Would have been so much better without the cheesy puns and smarmy VO….yikes…incredibly talented people creatiing mindblowing architecture though…except I personally don't understand the obsession or interest with facing the dang sun 24/7. I mean, other than for solar power and plants, why? If you're that much of a sun worshipper, um, cross to the other side of your dang house and open a window….or go outside. IDK….

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