nannamma superstar: Amrutha Naidu, mother of child actor Samanvi who died in a tragic road accident, had already quit Nannamma Superstar 10-days ago, here’s why

Popular Kannada actress Amrutha Naidu is currently grieving the untimely and shocking demise of her six-year-old daughter Samanvi. The little star died in a tragic road accident on January 13 evening while heading back home along with her mother after shopping. They were reportedly hit by a lorry at Konankunte cross, Bengaluru. While it is reported that Samanvi breathed her last on the spot, her mother Amrutha has survived with severe wounds.

According to the latest reports, it is revealed that Amrutha Naidu is expecting her second baby. A source close to the reality show ‘Nannamma Superstar‘ revealed that Amrutha is four months pregnant.

Speaking more about the same, the source told ETimes TV, “Amrutha is in the second trimester of her pregnancy and opted to get evicted from Nannamma Superstar for the same reason. Amrutha was finding it difficult to manage a reality show amidst pregnancy. She was basically finding it difficult to perform the physical tasks as well. So, she mentioned the same to the team and took the decision of quitting the show mid-way. Hence, Amrutha and Samanvi have already been evicted from the reality show. This shoot happened nearly ten days ago.”

A sibling for Samanvi

The source continued by adding, “Amrutha mentioned that it was for Samavi’s happiness that she conceived again. She wanted Samanvi to have a sibling companion in her life. She wanted Samanvi to experience that ‘sibling love’. But, considering the present situation, I don’t know how she will face the reality.”

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