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Parth Samthaan is setting the fitness bar higher for us to conquer. The actor, who is an absolute fitness enthusiast, never misses out on his gym and keeps sharing snippets of the same on his Instagram profile to keep his fans updated. Parth loves being in the gym, be it for his arm workouts or for his leg days. The actor’s Instagram profile is replete with pictures and videos of his gym diaries and they document quite aptly the love he has for fitness.

Parth is always up for everything fitness – be it a high intensity workout routine day or a deadlifting kind of day. Parth also keeps sharing his fitness routine on Instagram with the intention of motivating his Instagram family to start taking workouts seriously. A day back, Parth shared a short glimpse of what his leg day at the gym looks like, and it is making us hurry out of the bed and put on our gym shoes and rush to the gym. Parth shared a fresh fitness motivation for us with his leg day workout video.

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In the video, Parth can be seen engrossed in his leg workouts. The actor, dressed in a red tee shirt and a pair of black trousers, can be seen slaying his leg workouts in style. Lying on a gym bench, Parth can be seen pushing a gym equipment with his feet and doing it repeatedly and working on his calves. “Leg day,” Parth simply added these words to his Instagram story. Take a look:

Instagram story of Parth Samthaan.(Instagram/@the_parthsamthaan)
Instagram story of Parth Samthaan.(Instagram/@the_parthsamthaan)

Leg workouts engage the greatest number of muscle groups of the body. They also help in elevating the overall athletic performance of the body, thereby supporting healthy movement patterns of the body. Leg workouts help in creating a healthy lower body, which further decreases the risk of injury and chronic illnesses such as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.

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