Priyanka Chopra on social media scrutiny after dropping Jonas from Instagram name: It’s a professional hazard


Priyanka Chopra Jonas sparked outrage in November 2021 when she removed her surnames on Instagram. The change in Priyanka’s name on her social media bio immediately sparked speculation among fans that something is wrong between Priyanka and Nick Jonas. However, the actress put the rumours to rest by commenting on Nick’s Instagram picture later.

However, Priyanka has finally responded to the spotlight surrounding her social media activities. In an interview with Vanity Fair, as per Just Jared, Priyanka described the spotlight on her social media activity as a “professional hazard,” but admitted it was a vulnerable feeling. The actress said as per Just  Jared, “It’s a very vulnerable feeling, actually, that if I post a picture, everything that’s behind me in that picture is going to be zoomed in on, and people are going to speculate. It’s just a professional hazard…Because of the noise of social media, because of the prevalence that it has in our lives, I think it seems a lot larger than it is. I think that we give it a lot more credence in real life, and I don’t think it needs that.”

Priyanka is one of the most active celebrities on Instagram. With a follower base of 72.8 million, Priyanka’s posts receive millions of likes in minutes. As a result, it’s not surprising that when she changed her name, many were concerned. Meanwhile, Chopra also discussed the couple’s ideas on raising a family, despite their successful occupations. “They’re [kids] a big part of our desire for the future,” Chopra said. “By God’s grace, when it happens, it happens.” 

She also stated that if they do have a kid, she has no problem slowing down with her professional responsibilities.  “I’m okay with that. We’re both okay with that,” she said as per Just Jared.

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