PT’s easy hacks help you get toned bum and tum – including simple ab workout

A lot of people may be trying to stick to their fitness goals after over-indulging a bit during the festive season.

And luckily for them, personal trainer and fitness expert Ryan Hodgson has shared some handy hints to keep you on track.

The workout and nutrition tips which also help you achieve a toned bum and tum that will be the envy of everyone around you.

So check them out, and get toned today!

1. Keep ab work simple

If you search online you will find thousands of ab exercises. However, Ryan said that simple exercises performed well and consistently are going to create the best results.

Crunches, leg raises and Russian twists are the trainer’s three favourite ab exercises.

2. Fix your posture

Man lifting weights with a personal trainer
Working on your posture can really help your waist to appear smaller

Ryan says: “Working on your posture can really help your waist to appear smaller.

“Often we are slightly rounded forward at the shoulders which can press our midsection out.

“Get some upper back and rear shoulder work into your routine along with regular core engagement exercises to tone your tummy.”

3. Squat like your butt depends on it

There are many different squats out there, but get started with a basic squat and a sumo squat (wider stance) and you’ll build nice-shaped glutes, according to Ryan.

He says: “Don’t fall for the booty band workouts you see on social media.

“They may help, but there’s no replacement for squats when it comes to building a booty.”

4. Eat right

Baked vegetables, avocado, tofu and buckwheat buddha bowl
If you don’t have the correct nutrition, you’ll never burn fat and maintain muscle

Ryan says that this is often the hardest and most boring step, however muscle sits under body fat.

He comments: “You can get all the exercises right, but if you don’t have the correct nutrition, you’ll never burn fat and maintain muscle.

“Create a small calorie deficit – too much of one you’ll lose muscle – and eat plenty of protein.”

5. Go outside

Don’t just drag yourself to a gym, Ryan says it’s important to get out and make being active part of your lifestyle.

He said that this will help keep the calorie expenditure up as much as possible, which then contributes towards a calorie deficit to help with body fat loss.

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