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Retired Burglar Reveals How You Should Protect Your House From Getting Robbed

Coming up are clever tips and tricks you can use to protect your home from getting robbed and burgled.
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  1. Don't know how you do it, but I have an maxim machine gun right next to my bed, and as soon I hear something break Into my house, I wait until he comes to raid my room with the lights shut off and as soon he's in the dark hallway in front of my room, I turn on the light so he can see me with an fucking maxim machine gun and then I say SUPRISE MOTHERFUCKER
    And open fire

  2. The best is a video monitor on the outside of the house with a live feed 8 camera's but one feed, the last feed is a loop recoding of a TV room with a family watching TV… The thief see's himself live and a loop recording of a family in a TV room watching TV and he assumes someone is home and he leaves..

  3. I like hide my shotgun and AR-15 around the house. But most of the time I'm home and I don't have regular schedule. So they might win a lottery of getting shot of course.

  4. To be real alone of homes outside of the hood leave their house unlocked. I noticed that when I moved . Kids would just go in all times of the night

  5. Slightly different than burglary but may be worth sharing. I'd once read that if being mugged on the street, throw you wallet a distance – encouraging the robber to go after it while you may retreat more likely safely. My own wrinkle, if concerned of mugging: Keep a second, "fake" wallet to toss; Place maybe a couple of bucks, some unactivated/expired gift cards, other useless stuff for appearance in it. If not toss/dropping, hand that one over. They'll more likely take off with it than wait to examine closely.

  6. I don't necessarily agree with the drapes being opened. for one it's gonna be hard to look into somebody's windows from afar during the day and actually see anything. The daytime glare would prevent that . I keep mine closed at all times I don't want anybody casing the joint. If I were burglaring I would be worried about not being able to look inside and see what's going on and what I have to watch out for. If I can look inside windows then I would think I would feel much more likely to go in there then I could go in there and shut shades if I really want to

  7. I love the videos but did anybody else notice that all of the burglars they portray are white? I mean it's not racist to have people of color as burglars too I mean don't they need job making these videos? I think it's wrong that you only employ Caucasian actors to portray burglars in your videos. I think some of my Hispanic brothers and sisters would love to get paid for an easy gig doing something like this

  8. put bear traps and sharp bamboo drop traps and sharp blades that spring out to cut bodies or heads off around the house and put an "Enter at own risk" out in the front……make this sign big and bright so all can see…….

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