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Things That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

Some huge things have mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Keep watching to find out curious cases of the 10 most mysterious objects that vanished without a trace!
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  1. My great grandfather was on the Poet. He was 2nd mate. William “Bill” King. I hope one day we will discover just what the hell happened to the ship and it’s crew. Especially for my family’s sake. Kinda crazy that on what was supposed to be his final voyage would ultimately lead to his disappearance, I hope for my grandma and great aunts sake they get some sort of closure on what the hell happened.

  2. Blacks been makin swords way before these so called asians came along kno history people Asians wasnt the freakin people who started makin swords as they want u to believe read to history it goes further back….

  3. Thank you for confirming flight 19 were avengers and not topedoes so reported in another video. BTW I've been in the triangle and yes I witnessed an anomaly. These events are true. Ask me I'll tell you my story.

  4. I was assigned to be the Radio Officer aboard the SS Poet. Had to drive to Corpus Christi, Texas to catch her. Couldn’t make it in time, due to snowstorm, so, lost the job. Saved my life.

  5. Can't imagine the Queen's Mace, the Fabriche Eggs, George's teeth, The bomber and boat planes, Amelia and her plane, MH Plane ever being found. Nor do I believe the others will ever be found or solved.

  6. How interesting that the Tablets of the 10 commandments have bin missing and there are no records of where it could have bin lost…. It's as if they never existed ….. Hmmmmmm

  7. I know you're getting tied of hearing this by now but for the love of god please learn to pronounce words…. Par-lee-a-mint? Mass-a-moon? Are you fucking kidding me? That one is just painful. That one literally inflicts physical pain. If you don't know something it's okay to ask for help. Asking for help lets people know you're willing to learn. Not doing so means you make yourself look like an idiot.

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