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This Insanely Fast Worker Must be a Cyborg

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  1. 12:08 They dont just shed hairs, they kick it with rear legs, thats why rear of abdomen is bald. But they get hairs back after molting. Like they can grow whole leg back, saw with own eyes, only one molt and leg was back, bit thinner than others, but full lenght.

  2. Brick-laying looks so mesmerizing, especially his glutes :). Though he may have made brick-laying easy at first look, but it's not. I tried it before when I moved the bricks from my front lawn to the backyard as I was trying to make a garden at front. the size of the area was just 160cm by 200cm, smaller than what the usual workers cover. But it gave my back a workout, the hard one, like I was doing heavy squats and deadlifts at the same time for more than 4hours. 1 brick is heavy. At first it was easy since I'm also doing workouts but after 30 mins, my back started to fill the pain.

  3. Sure, flying ca be scary, but I have Thalassophobia. When a plane falls from the sky, your survival rate drops to almost zero and death follows fast. But in deep waters (like the one I had back in 2018 when our small boat going to Puerto Princesa almost upset by a very strong wind) your survival rate fluctuates and death is slow thus more suffering for you.

  4. Pfft! I've been on C-130 flights performing combat maneuvers with Like 100 of us packed in the back. Can't freak out, can't puke, AND you're fucking terrified cuz you haven't yet figured out what those random little tings you keep hearing are.

    Just crash or land dammit!

  5. Was anyone else expecting to see insanely fast workers that must be a cyborg.. Kinda Like the title says? Is it just me or did anyone else take a few minutes before they realized they weren't watching insanely fast workers cause the video is still good. The one that really sticks out is the guy who makes the really cool glass pieces but he does it the hard long way to achieve his art… That's the complete opposite of insanely fast haha 😅😁😜

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