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What A Dollar Gets You Around the World

A single dollar can buy you lots of different things depending on where in the world you spend that dollar. Lets travel around the world to find some of the most expensive and some of the cheapest locations!
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  1. In Singapore where I live has a small shop where I buy milk in a plastic carton for 6 sg dollars. For a large bottle of sofa about 2liters is 2sg dollars and a small one for 1.20 sg dollar!!

  2. The fact that we don't concentrate on growing/producing local foods just baffles me. We export tons and then have to spend billions on imports. Doesn't make sense. Plus we are a wasteful Nation.

  3. Fun fact 1 dollar from America is equal to 50 pesos in the Philippines and 1 dollar is the equivalent of 72 rupees and 1 dollar is 74 Russian rubles and 1 dollar is 5 Brazil reals. 1 dollar is stupidly 23, 026 veitnamise dong and 1 dollar =105 yen

  4. Most Indians commenting about the price of Indian chai didn't even catch that the narrator is talking about production costs*, not the market price. It is the *production of a cup of chai which costs 2 rupees. Duh!
    Also, prices of vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc are just as low in India as they are in some of the countries shown. Cost of living is indeed very cheap here.

  5. 1 question: why did you put the Soviet coat of arms on Russia. Russia is a semi-presidential republic and not communist so putting the communist/soviet coat of arms is wrong.

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