Yassi Pressman ends ‘fitness hibernation’

MANILA — Yassi Pressman is starting 2022 with the goal of having a “stronger” body once more, ending her “fitness hibernation.”

The actress made the announcement in an Instagram post as she kicked off her fitness journey with the help of a weight-loss coach.

“I woke up one day from my fitness ‘hibernation’ and decided to get back on track. I had fun letting go and not caring, chomping down all the chips, eating fast food almost every day, drinking all the soda, and snacking at midnight,” she said. 

“But I listened to my body after letting go and I realized I wanted to go back to being strong, and hopefully this time even healthier than before,” she added.

While she hopes to lose weight and get fit, Pressman said she loves her newfound voluptuousness, which she hopes to retain. 

“I’m definitely going to try to keep that in places where I want it… But I will definitely also try my best to eliminate the new cellulite that I have developed,” she said.

In another post, Pressman stressed the importance of working towards one’s own goals as opposed to meeting a certain body standard.

She reminded her fans and followers that her fitness journey is based on her personal goals, and that anyone can be beautiful in any shape or size.

“Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a break and not being too hard on yourself. Every body is beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” she said. 

“So just do you. And always work towards your own happiness.”

Prior to her “fitness hibernation,” Pressman is known among her fans for her healthy and active lifestyle.

The actress has also made her mark as a dancer, after her performances on shows such as “ASAP.”

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