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AMAZING House embedded into a cliff

Designed by two talented Greek architects who believe that ‘life is too short for designs that people will soon forget’, this striking house design called ‘casa brutale’ was inspired by the concrete style known as brutalism.

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  1. This is great but what about erosion? It seems that cliffs are not stagnant structures and that would be required for this to be workable. Also, yes it's great for the one person who can have it but it would also be a problem if 1000 wanted to then build the houses. Why should just one person, one family get to enjoy this amazing area? It's a bit problematic for a world that has a population explosion. Great if we ever somehow have our population wiped out by a virus and only have 1 million to populate the world. Very elegant idea though! I can see how it would inspire other ideas as well. Thanks for sharing it.

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