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Designers Who Should Go To Hell For Their Ideas – Part 3

Coming up are some more designers who created the worst designs imaginable.
Part 1:
Part 2:
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  1. Hey guys! Jay here, the narrator of this video!
    What did you guys think of my narration? Would you like me to narrate again? It was my first time but I'll try to be a little more light hearted in the next one!

  2. I was in a hospital one time where no shit all the buttons to call for a nurse was either So low on the wall they were almost touching the floor Or literally on the ceiling

  3. Your narration was pretty good. I liked the content overall. Every ad that you've allowed to be displayed that I've seen is a scam… ironic considering the video.

  4. I have a great deskside computer (you can't call it a desktop because there would not be room to work if it was!). I've had it, in computer years, a very long time, since 2014. And, apart from one hard-disk failure, fortunately it was half of a mirrored pair, it's lasted me well. But there's one irritating feature… the location of the Off switch, on top of the case. That's OK until the cat comes along, and making for my lap, he has been known to tread on the conveniently paw-sized button. Bye-bye session, very suddenly! I use an old unused card to cover the button, if I remember, when he's around.

  5. In your next edition you need to cover the charcoal grill (made in China, of course) that is nicely covered in flammable paint. There's also the suppositories in blisterpacks with thick cardboard backing. Rows of convenient holes allow you to separate one at a time. Directions tell you to remove the packaging before inserting. Ouch!

  6. I MASSIVELY dislike the concept of this video. You are dogging on inventors for making errors. Errors come with inventions, and attempting to break the norm to better our world. I hold nothing against any of the inventors for the work they do. If anything, more applause to them for attempting to break the norm. It is the people, teams, or governments that approved putting some of these into circulation that you should be condemning. It is their fault for allowing these things to happen. But anyone that has the gall to break out of the norm to try to create something new, more power to you, even if it doesn't work out for the best.

  7. Can we just appreciate how AMAZED he makes us and how much research he has to go through to make his videos and how much clips he had to find and how much text with the right stuff all edited in one. He is a true legend.

  8. As a builder, I don’t understand at all how those high ATMs can even happen. They obviously had to be up on ladders/scaffolding to install them. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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