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If You Die Alone, Your Cat Will Eat You – Fact Show 6

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  1. I've always heard about this but reality came true last Monday. My uncle passed at home alone of massive heart attack. About 25 yrs ago he was in a motorcycle wreck causing to amputate his right arm at shoulder with a very small nub. Well officer asked family what arm was amputated back when, UMMMM why????? Yeah they ate the remaining nub and the left arm. Crazy af

  2. Yes this happened in Wautoma, WI. A man we called Field Marshel which was his CB name died at home. He had dogs and cats in the house. He was not visited often but, the bill for utility was not paid. When a person went to see why this is when he was found, being consumed by the animals. Not like Ed Gein of Plainfield WI. You can search his name and see what he did,

  3. 3:52. My aunt had a cat and when they moved to an apartment they could not take it with them and left it over to an older family member. When he died the cat also died within 48h and they determined it was because of sadness

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