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Sameera Reddy opens up on practicing self-love, body positivity in judgmental society: Watch relatable video | Health

We live in a harsh and judgemental society, conditioned to question everyone that does not fit into the stereotypical vision. Practising self-love and being body positive about oneself often becomes tough in such conditions. If you have felt this way, then you are not alone. Body positivity enthusiast Sameera Reddy opened up on feeling the same way in a new relatable video. She also shared tips on how she deals with such situations.

Sameera shared a video on Instagram talking about how one can practise self-love and body positivity by being forgiving. She said that the first step to achieving both things is showing compassion and kindness for ourselves and others. She added not practising this mantra would only hurt us.

The 43-year-old star captioned the post, “Forgiveness = Healing. Body Positivity Post Partum/ body changes at any stage happen. The process of moving forward and self-love comes with compassion and kindness to others and most importantly to yourself. It is my constant learning to let go of harsh expectations because it only hurts me and brings me down. FITNESS is more than physical. It’s so much in the MIND and how we feel. It’s natural to break sometimes and forgiving yourself is a big part of the healing. How are you feeling about your body today?”

Watch the video here:

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The video begins with Sameera saying it is easy to talk about self-love and accepting our bodies, but, it is tough to actually practise the same because the world judges everyone, and we often judge ourselves.

Sameera added, “Forgiveness, is the most powerful thing that you can do for yourself. Forgiveness for me comes in two stages. The first stage – Forgiving ourselves. Whether you became a mother or you just put on weight for whatever reasons, it is what it is and you cannot beat yourself up about it.”

“Second stage is forgiving others. Why? This society conditions us, it teaches what has been told to us in every stage – what mothers should look like, bounce back after pregnancy and so much more. People are constantly judging each other, you can’t change that so you have to forgive them. Because when you don’t, the only person you are hurting is yourself. Let’s stay healthy physically and mentally,” the star continued.

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