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Do you think the strongest human on earth could take on a tiger, armed only with a sword, in a battle to the death? Tigers are ridiculously dangerous opponents, but the human has intelligence on its side.
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  1. The brain of me, a soft overweight man who has lived in the city for all his life: "Hmmm, let's watch this video and pay attention, you never know, anything can happen!"

  2. This question was actually asnwered in ancient Rome. They would pit gladiators with swords Vs lions and tigers. Who won? When they matched one gladiator Vs tiger or lion, the felines usually won. Their faster reflexes allowed them to deliver a lethal paw swipe to the human and killl him, or just overpower him with brute strength and kill him with a bite to the next. Vs 2 gladiators, it was 50/50. But 3 gladiators would kill a lion or tiger almost 100% of the time.

  3. If the Man knew how to use the sword and didn't freak out, he's got a decent chance. But likely he'd freak out and the tiger would jump beyond the sword and would kill him in seconds.

  4. The kid with knives versus a man is a good analogy. Could the kid get lucky and stab me? Possibly. I think that I would prefer to avoid the risk even though I think I'm quick enough to disarm him. I could miss though, and he could get my neck or some softer spot in my torso. Now, 4 to 10 kids with knives? I'm running or I'm dead.

  5. Even comparing tigers and humans is just brainless
    People even compare female wolves to 3 male Siberian tigers
    Well let’s just be grateful people don’t compare a cheetah to a tiger

  6. It's the Bangladesh 🇧🇩 if you want to encounter a tiger in wild possibly through a river sitting on a boat as my father had the luck to gaze on this beautiful creature by this way. Royal Bengal Tiger, the name itself pretty much proves the natural habitat of the biggest cat on the planet earth.

  7. Bullshit ! bullshit bullll-shit !! I don't know what kind of shit Be AMAZED is smoking, have any of you ever physically touched a tiger ?! Well I did, in Orana park, NZ, your sword isn't going to do shit against that thick wire brush hairy coat. This is so unlike a kitty cat, you might think they aren't remotely related. Their hair, I wouldn't ever call it fur, is really really strong and thick matted stuff. You take a blade against that and it won't go in, ONLY if you use it like a spear, and going for the head isn't sensible in the slightest, you are likely to miss the eyes , and rest is irrelevant. You'd want to skewer him in the body and then run. If you are dumb enough to be in this situation, maybe you should sit back and let the inevitable happen, rather than risk pissing him off and tormenting you with that slowish painful death that felines are so well renowned for doing.

  8. You're more likely to break your sword than cut off a tiger's arm
    The thick hide and massive muscles are more than enough to stop the blow, let alone the extremely dense bones
    That and of course the chance of you dodging or countering a tiger's swipe are very low give how quick they can strike
    Your best option is to aim for the eyes or the nose
    But if you missed ….. tell kobe we miss him

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