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What $1 Million Buys You Around The World

Let’s find out what homes you can buy for a million dollars around the world!
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  1. This is amazing but I just cannot get over the fact you never used this opportunity to say “Dubai or not Dubai” 😭😭😭😭 instead of “Do Buy or Do not Buy”

    I need therapy now…

  2. Well here, in this specific place in Florida, my condo costs 3 million dollars and only has 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and has no dining room.

    I think I’m moving to somewhere cheaper!

  3. California: truly it depends because where you’re at because my mom bought Lake something way better for for less than half the price of that so depends on where you are even in Sacramento or in Greenhaven or some thing you got it way less

  4. This is so wrong you talked about dubai house and funny enough you showed exact apartment I’m living in with a wrong price your prices are wey expensive 1 million dollars will get you two or three of those houses he’s showing

  5. I live in toronto canada and the btoronto houses arent much but a 1 story house and get this,they cost average 1.1 million bucks and the 2 story houses triple that price and a 2 story house twice as big as the average 2 story in toronto with a pool costs Around 30 million bucks

  6. Where i live theres some huge houses with there own shared private airport i want one of those houses, or id like to just buy a moderate house 3 bedroom 2 bath house with a large shower and maybe a garage with lots of land and build a attached indoor pool with a large work shop so i can start building stuff, id love to try doing woodwork or milling and id probably still have plenty of monet left over to buy those tools and fernish the house as well as live off for quite a while

  7. If you go to Canada go 5 hours south from Toronto without going to a lake or the United States you will fine some bigger 1 mil houses I know this because I’m near some 1 mil houses in Canada

  8. I didn’t think clickbait was in the wheelhouse of Be Amazed. Two reasons: the first being with a million dollars and shopping for a place in a neighborhood that has a median price of around $300k wouldn’t you make the savvy investment and save $700k. The second being that I found other places to live in all of NYC for a million, if they are willing to argue it must be within the price range of a million, that look way nicer than the ones they had shown in this video. If they are going to argue that a house is a type of structure that is different from an apartment or other forms of living then why include the listings in Hong Kong or Greece? With what you are now providing it seems like you simply insulting the viewer stating that we can’t just look it up and find out the truth that there are nicer places to live than ones you have portrayed for Hong Kong and Brooklyn, NY. It seems like this whole video was just a ploy to catch a person’s attention instead of informing the viewer of different amenities and risks of living in certain places if the person was willing to spend $1 million on one home (as a home isn’t limited to just a house since a home can be a tiny house, mansion, RV, apartment, condo, etc.). All it took me was about 5-10 minutes to look it up on Zillow to find out if what you said was true about Brooklyn, NY and it wasn’t even close. In fact, to live in a home in NYC for $1 million you have dozens of options that range from neighborhoods and sizes as well as how far or close you are to the city or ground. So throwing in a small apartment in Hong Kong or terrible place in Brooklyn is just a cheap way of being rude to the viewer and arrogantly insulting their capability of exploring options.

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